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The Galician Association of Metallurgical Industries , ASIME, was founded on October 7th, 1977 in accordance with the Trade Union Freedom Law 19/77.

800 affiliated member companies
More than 90% of the employment, turnover and investment

Nowadays almost 800 companies are affiliated and they represent 90% of employment, turnover and investment of activities such as automotive, shipbuilding and ship repair, metal mechanics, metal construction and structures, aeronautics, aluminum: extrusion and carpentry, lifts industries, complementary services: logistics, systems and equipment, maintenance, communications and other related industries.

ASIME’s main task is the corporative and individual defence of its members’ common interests, which is carried out by means of the Industrial Safety and Health, Legal and Economic, Environmental, Information Technologies and Communications, Training, Qualification and Employment, Foreign Trade, Communication and Public Relations Departments.